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Zeolite is a natural mineral/silicate of volcanic origin and is a true miracle product created by nature. With its huge inner surface (up to 400 m²/g) and special cation-binding ability, it can adsorb and thus store specific substances.

The clinoptilolite content in the zeolite is decisive for its high quality. Our own zeolite deposit ensures long-term consistent quality and an optimal supply of raw materials.

Our zeolite is milled and processed exclusively in Austria and under the strictest quality controls. All Lithos Natural products are based on specially prepared clinoptilolite zeolite, which is custom-produced for the different applications. From 32-mm-granules all the way to ultra-fine powders. Our products are 100% natural and free from all additives, meaning that they can be used without hesitation in organic and regenerative agriculture.

Lithos - Zeolith Gestein


The special binding properties of zeolite follow a precisely defined selectivity sequence. As a result, it can be used not only as a filter against undesirable pollutants, but also in other applications as a carrier material to dispense specific desired substances in a metered and long-term manner.

This range of application can be easily explained using the example of feed additives: In the intestines of the animal, zeolite binds the harmful ammonium, among other things, and thus promotes health. After excretion, the unpleasant odour caused by ammonia is also reduced in the stable. If the zeolite is then applied to the field with the manure, it continuously releases the nitrogen contained in the ammonium to the plant roots and reduces nitrate leaching. The zeolite granules remain in the soil and act as a water and nutrient buffer time and again.


It is precisely this broad range of effects that explains the diverse application possibilities of the various zeolite products:


The special features of zeolite require a great deal of experience and care during production. It starts with the conscientious selection of the raw material to ensure consistent quality. Due in particular to the binding capacity of zeolite, extra caution must be taken to ensure that it is not contaminated with possible pollutants from the outset. The zeolite is then crushed in various stages, dried and ground using a wide range of technologies specifically suited for the various applications. For some products, the zeolite is enhanced with certain other ingredients. Lastly, packaging and continuous control are carried out using our certified quality assurance systems.

Lithos Natural - Produktionsprozess
Lithos Natural - Produktionsprozess