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petplus® horse

Specially designed for your horse

  • Tried and tested feed additive
  • Ideal for combating heavy metal pollution, e.g. from old water pipes
  • Supports detoxification and purification
  • Can minimize the risk of infectious and metabolic diseases
  • Promotes a healthy coat
  • Can have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Can promote health and well-being
  • Supplies natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium
  • Recommended by vets


Finely ground clinoptilolite zeolite

Weight 0,75 kg

from 34,90 

petplus® horse

petplus® consists of the natural volcanic mineral zeolite. Due to its binding properties, it is a frequently used additive that constitutes an ideal feed supplement. The use of petplus® prevents substances that are vital for the body, such as amino acids, sugar and vitamins, from being bound due to their molecular structure, thus ensuring they remain available for the organism.

Supplementary feed for your horse:

Thanks to the method of extraction, which is guaranteed to be free from pollution, and the optimum degree of grinding of the natural zeolite powder, petplus® zeolite is ideally suited for your horse.

Moisten slightly and add to daily feed.

Feeding instructions:

Contains a measuring spoon (1 spoonful = approx. 50 g)

Recipe for horse treats with petplus® zeolite:

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Additional information

Weight 0,75 kg


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