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Nordwälder pond package

The added bonus for water quality in ponds & biotopes

  • Algae occurrence in ponds is significantly reduced
  • Depth of visibility improves, green tint disappears
  • Slimy surfaces on stones, stairs, etc. are reduced
  • Pond water and sludge are freed from rot
  • Odour, taste and measurable parameters show improved water quality
  • The pH value stabilizes in the neutral range
Weight 15 kg


Packaging Unit
15 kg

Nordwälder pond package

Pond care with the power of microbiology

Regular inoculation of a pond or biotope with regenerative microorganisms combined with fine zeolite greatly worsens the living conditions for algae and pathogenic (stinky) bacteria. By contrast, the inoculation strengthens the probiotic bacteria group, which exhibits great biodiversity and is now strong enough to prevail against algae and pathogens and claim the pond ecosystem for itself.

In contrast to algae, pond plants grow noticeably better and the diversity of animal pond inhabitants increases significantly. As long as this diversity of species is maintained, the pond also remains stable. Regular inoculation with regenerative microorganisms (RM brown) and ultra-fine zeolite achieves a consistently high, species-rich microbial population density, which keeps the water clear and free of algae even on hot days.

Such treatment imitates natural system-maintaining processes: ecological balance and closed nutrient cycles by way of a constantly expanding, highest possible biodiversity.

Package consists of:

  • 10 litres of regenerative microorganisms (probiotic bacteria, shelf life: min. 9 months)
  • 5 kg of the finest clinoptilolite zeolite
  • Instructions for use


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Weight 15 kg


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