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The natural soil additive for your garden

  • Regulates the water and nutrient balance of plants
  • Promotes soil life and root development
  • Drought stress is effectively reduced
  • Prevents nutrient leaching
  • Improves plant-available nitrogen release
  • Optimal habitat for microorganisms
  • Regulates the pH value
  • Zeolite does not decompose and remains in the soil for the long term
Weight 5 kg

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The natural all-rounder for your garden

lithosoil® features a high porosity and cation exchange capacity. This allows water and various nutrients (e.g. nitrogen) to be better stored in the soil and released slowly. The availability in the roots is considerably longer and greater. The high water storage capacity of lithosoil® helps to regulate the water balance in the soil, reduces drought stress in plants, and can thus prevent major yield losses in years with longer dry phases. In addition, the surface of lithosoil® serves as a colonization base for microorganisms living in the soil, which promotes soil life and root formation.

The zeolite granules are available in two different grain sizes; we generally recommend the finer version measuring 0.5 – 2 mm. For structurally weak, heavy soils, the coarser grain size of 2 – 4 mm should be used.

We also recommend using lithosoil® in raised beds and lawns – you will be amazed!

Recommended use:

Can be applied all year round. Recurring application is recommended to maintain an optimal water and nutrient supply. Work lithosoil evenly into the soil.
1 – 1.5 kg/m² gardens, ornamental plants
1 – 3 kg/m² raised beds, vegetable gardens
2 – 3 kg/m² flower boxes, cemetery soil

Do you own a farm and are interested in using lithosoil® in your operations? We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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Weight 5 kg


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