The natural filler for the cosmetic industry

  • Natural zeolite with high clinoptilolite content
  • Possibility to act as a pollutant binder
  • Transports natural active ingredients for nourishing skin clarification
  • Free from chemicals that are harmful to the environment and health
  • Low weight and density
  • High porosity
  • Carrier material for fragrances
  • Has an antibacterial effect
  • Replaces microplastics
  • Free from nanoparticles

Are you working in the cosmetics industry and are interested in using lithoskin as a natural filler? We will be happy to make you an individual offer.


The basis of the lithoskin product range is an ultra-pure, natural clinoptilolite zeolite that is characterized by a very high porosity and cation exchange capacity.

Our lithoskin products are activated by the special high-performance grinding process. This enables them to absorb and transport active cosmetic sustances. The cosmetic active ingredients are released exactly where they belong – between the skin cells. This principle works with almost all cosmetic products.

Creams containing zeolite moisturize the skin significantly better. Furthermore, zeolite soothes the skin, which reduces annoying inflammatory redness.

Application examples:

  • Cream – additional moisturizing and soothing of inflamed skin
  • Mask – supports the regenerative ability of the cells
  • Toothpaste – replaces environmentally harmful microplastics and has an antibacterial effect
  • Bath additive – softens the water & tops up the skin with moisture
  • Deodorant – moisture and odour-binding
  • Powder – binds pollutants, especially helpful for damaged skin

15, 20 & 25 kg bag
765, 900 & 1,000 kg pallet


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