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lithos udder cream

Natural aid for inflamed cow udders

  • Cooling and astringent effect
  • Free from chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • No interruption of milk delivery
  • Reduces excess fluids from the tissues
  • Economical and productive
  • 100% pure natural product
Weight 2 kg

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lithos udder cream

lithos udder cream is the evolution of the well-known natural remedy “acetic clay”.

The zeolite used in lithos udder cream acts as a pollutant binder (binding ammonia). Due to its acidic pH value, lithos udder cream is able to effectively eliminate microorganisms. The ointment has a cooling effect and can be applied to the udder. It goes without saying that lithos udder cream is free from pharmaceuticals and chemical agents, meaning that there is no waiting time during milk production.

Recommended use:

Apply lithos udder cream to the entire cow udder after complete milking. Regular application is recommended.

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Weight 2 kg


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