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The plant aid for flourishing plants and high yields

  • Increases the vitality of plants
  • Increases plants’ defences
  • Increases resistance to drought (heat) and frost
  • Reduces drought stress and sunburn
  • Bright protective layer reflects UV radiation and cools the plant surface
  • Increases photosynthetic performance and accelerates plant growth, improves harvest quality and shelf life
  • 100% pure natural product
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lithoplant® is a completely natural plant aid that strengthens the vitality and natural defences of plants. Photosynthesis and plant growth are supported, resulting in more even maturation and a higher yield. Furthermore, regular use leads to improved root development.

The ultra-fine powder, mixed with water, is applied to the plants and adheres to their surface very well and for a long time. In heat and drought, this allows the photosynthesis of plants to remain better intact, which improves their resistance to animal pests and fungal diseases.
The bright protective coating reflects solar radiation and has a cooling effect, which reduces heat and drought stress and reduces the risk of sunburn on vegetables, berries and fruit.

Proper use in horticulture (incl. fruit, viniculture and vegetable crops):
Stir 1 – 2 heaped tablespoons (approx. 10-20 g) into 1 litre of water and spray evenly from the first leaves using a pump sprayer. Do not forget the underside of the leaves. The treatment is preventive (before the onset of infestation) and should be repeated every 10-14 days according to specific local needs. To avoid a spray coating on the fruit, we recommend stopping the application in good time before harvest.

For a single treatment, 1 litre of spray mix is sufficient for a treated area of ​​10-30 m².

Before using lithoplant, please read the safety instructions and directions for use carefully.

Do you own a farm and are interested in using lithoplant® in your operations? We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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lithoplant is approved as a plant aid in Austria and individually licensed according to § 9 Fertilizer Act 2021.

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Weight 0,5 kg


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