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Natural feed additive for healthier animals and higher productivity

  • Improves feed quality
  • Binds ammonium
  • Binds moisture
  • Reduces odour in the stable
  • Anticaking agent
  • Huge surface area (up to 600 m²/g)
  • Suitable & listed for organic farms
  • 100% pure natural product

Do you own a farm and are interested in using lithofeed in your operations? We will be happy to make you an individual offer.


lithofeed improves feed quality thanks to its binding properties. It is the optimal addition to feed rations, especially for protein-rich animal food.

Due to its large inner surface and special pore size, lithofeed binds and removes certain substances (e.g. ammonium). Important nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements remain available for the animal, since lithofeed cannot absorb them due to their molecular size.

Recommended application rate:

Add 1% lithofeed to the total feed mass or 0.1 – 0.2 g/kg live weight/animal per day

25 kg bag
900 kg pallet
1,000 kg big bag
loose in silo truck


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