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Zeolite for more sustainability in a wide range of additional applications

lithos applications cosmetics industry

In recent years, the cosmetics industry has discovered high-quality zeolite as a natural functional and filler material. Among other things, it is highly suitable as a substitute for microplastics in toothpastes, creams or shower gels.

Special zeolite products are also finding increasing use in many other industrial applications. More and more manufacturers are looking for natural additives for greater sustainability in plastics, paint, varnish, rubber, adhesives, construction chemicals and much more. As in other areas, this mineral is a true all-rounder and offers numerous positive properties.

lithos applications industry additive
lithos applications industry plastics

In plastics, it can be used as an additive for odour control. For one thing, it can remove unwanted odours from plastic (especially organic ones in recycled material), but in addition it can also be used as a carrier material for specifically introduced fragrances, to reduce volatile organic compounds or to increase breathability. In this way, sustainability in production can also be increased in this sector.

lithos applications industry paint and coating

In the manufacture of paints and coatings, for example, it serves as an anti-settling agent, odour-binding agent and thickener.

In rubber, zeolite is used as a filler to increase elongation at break and tensile strength, increase ignition temperature and reduce density.

In the production of adhesives, this natural additive leads to faster drying, odour reduction and higher adhesive strength.

In construction chemistry, zeolite prevents segregation as well as cracking and often improves the strength of the material as a whole.

lithos applications industry cosmetics cream
lithos applications industry cosmetics toothpaste
lithos applications industry rubber

Do you work in the industrial sector and areinterested in the extensive application possibilities of zeolite?

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