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Zeolite supports sustainable agriculture

Lithos Naturals - Zeolite for Agriculture - Apples
Lithos Naturals - Zeolite for Agriculture - straw bales

Many farmers place great importance on sustainability and future-oriented management of their farms and fields. Zeolite products by Lithos help them in a diverse range of ways and are successfully used in conventional, organic and regenerative agriculture.

Lithos Natural - Anwendung Landwirtschaft - Hühner


In poultry, pig and cattle feed, our product lithofeed has been used successfully for more than 15 years, primarily due to its binding properties. Thanks to the large inner surface and special pore size, certain substances such as ammonium are bound and discharged in a natural manner. Important vitamins and trace elements remain available for the animals. In addition, it has been observed that zeolite as a feed additive makes animals significantly more even-tempered and calmer.

Lithos Natural - Zeolith Anwendung - Landwirtschaft Kartoffeln


Our soil additive lithosoil® has also enjoyed increasing popularity for years now, both in conventional as well as in organic and regenerative agriculture. It is characterized above all by its incredibly high water and nutrient storage capacity, thus acting as a highly efficient buffer. It also serves as an additional colonization surface for microorganisms and therefore promotes soil life.

The natural all-rounder lithosoil® is also successfully used as a bedding additive to bind moisture and neutralize stable odours, as a compost accelerator, as a slurry additive to reduce unpleasant odours and layers of scum, and in biogas plants to reduce the formation of foam and the stirring effort required, and as a colonization area for microorganisms.

Lithos Natural - Zeolith Applications - Agriculture Pigs in barn
Lithos Natural - Zeolith Applications - Agriculture Cow
Lithos Natural - Zeolith Applications - Agriculture Soy
Lithos Natural - Zeolith Applications - Agriculture - cornfield


Sprayed on the plants, our plant aid lithoplant® increases vitality and strengthens resistance and growth. The fine particles contained in the product form a natural protective layer against cold, heat, fungal diseases and pests. The finely & precisely ground Lithos zeolite for plants reduces the risk of frost at very cool temperatures on the one hand, and has a cooling effect at very high temperatures on the other. This ensures intact and more efficient photosynthesis and avoids damage due to stress.

lithos - sternebewertung


  • Dipl.-Tzt. Erwin Simetzberger

    Veterinary practice in Strengberg, Lower Austria

    I recommend lithofeed to many of my clients out of personal conviction based on years of positive experience. As a feed additive, it increases the health of animals in an entirely natural way: pollutants are discharged, diarrheal diseases can be prevented. In addition, it improves the stable climate: unpleasant odours are reduced and manure is drier. The improved slurry consistency reduces the formation of scum. What’s more, as bedding it is also very effective against skin inflammation. And all of this without any side effects.

  • Wolfgang B.

    Farmer from Styria

    I use lithofeed on my farm, and the following effects have convinced me over time: more stable laying performance, the eggshells have become harder, the quality has improved, and the impact of mites and lice has been reduced. Based on recommendations, I will use milbfix specifically against mites in the future.

  • Franz H.

    Farmer from Lower Austria

    I use lithofeed in pig fattening as a feed additive and also as bedding. We have much drier barn floors as a result and see positive effects in the form of higher animal health and fewer unpleasant odours.

  • Josef A.

    Farmer from Lower Austria

    I am very satisfied with the effect of lithofeed and can highly recommend its use against calf diarrhea and foaming in the slurry.

  • Wolfgang H.

    Farmer from Tyrol

    I’ve been a customer for 2 years now and use lithofeed as feed and bedding. I’ve observed a positive change in the fur, and the soil outside is much better due to the water absorption. This also has positive effects on the plants. As a result of the negative environmental influences, I was seeing an increasingly poor development in the bulls. However, since implementing zeolite, this has been counteracted. The overall energy of the animals is increased, sexual development is better and bulls are calmer. The quality is far better than some pharmacy products.

  • Hubert T.

    Farmer from Styria

    Before using lithofeed, we had major problems with flies. This stress caused by flies has been greatly reduced. In addition, fattening gain and the climate in the stable has improved significantly. The slurry became more homogeneous, and we noticed fewer unpleasant odours during spreading.

  • Peter R.

    Farmer from Carinthia

    We have been using lithofeed for over two years now. To be honest, we were very skeptical at the beginning, but over time we were convinced of its positive effect. At first, we only used lithofeed as bedding in the cubicles, but now we also apply it in the feeding. Our cattle no longer exhibited any bed sores on their joints and the climate in the barn and thus hygiene was significantly improved. The manure was enhanced, and unpleasant odours were minimized. We also observed better liquid retention than with the use of normal rock meal. In the meantime, we have also had positive experiences with the Lithos udder cream. The cream promoted udder health and reduced mastitis.

    Our Product Highlights


    • Improves feed quality
    • Binds ammonium
    • Suitable & listed for organic farms
    lithos natural lithosoil slurry

    lithosoil® slurry

    • Binds ammonium
    • Reduces unpleasant odours
    • Prevents nitrate leaching

    lithosoil® biogas

    • Increases the efficiency of the digester
    • Reduces foaming
    • Less stirring effort required