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This sight increases our anticipation for spring. In order to shorten the waiting time for this wonderful season, organic gardener Karl Ploberger conjured up a “tulip lasagna” with zeolite in the current ORF article. Our soil conditioner lithosoil® is recommended to optimally supply the tulips with nutrients and water during growth. This colorful bouquet of tulips in a flower pot should not be missing from any balcony or garden. What do we need for this:

A large plant pot
Old potsherds or similar as drainage
Some fleece (e.g. sheep’s wool)
Compost soil (e.g. mixed with clay granules & lava dust)
fertilizer (e.g. horn shavings)
Zeolite granulate (lithosoil)

tulip bulb

Place old shards of pottery in the plant pot as drainage, spread some fleece on top, then spread the first layer of soil (graria. 10 cm) over it. Sprinkle some fertilizer and zeolite granules on it and then put in the first layer of tulip bulbs. It is important to place the bulbs close together so that later they look like a bouquet of tulips. This is followed by the next layer of soil + fertilizer + zeolite and the second layer of tulip bulbs. Finally, cover again with a layer of soil and look forward to a magnificent bouquet of tulips in spring.